It’s too late now, #dearsanta

Ok, so I know it’s waaayyy too late for a Christmas wish list now. Christmas is only 3 sleeps away, and most shopping has been completed.

BUT it has been scientifically proven (don’t Google that) that putting your wish list up on the interweb can result in your wish coming true.

Just look at this.

That is a Birhtday Wishlist posted by @bangersandnash…notice me on it? Well, at that stage we’d never even met. Fast forward just 12 days to July 23rd (just happens to be my very own birthday)…and BOOM! We’re dating.

So here’s my list. May it bring me great smiles all over my Christmassy face.

1. Skermunkil Jewelry

WOWZERS! It’s all just way too pretty. Skermunkil is based in Mauizenberg, which is where I am based… so even if you can’t make it there before Christmas yourself, feel free to deposit me some cash al I’ll just pop round there myself.


WOWEE!! Get on my body!!


2. A wicker basket for Lady Marmaduke King George

Exactly like this one:


Need a lift baby midget? Hop in!



That way we have so much more room for activities. I can transport lots of shopping, as well as baby midgets, stray animals and treasures I may find along the way.

3. To smell like an Angel

I smelled this for the first time today, and MY WORD it does smell fantastic.I’m very picky when it comes to perfume and I never want to smell like sandalwood, apples, roses, cinnamon, vanilla or musk (eeuw). I can best describe Acqua di Gioia as: a baby angel after a dip in the ocean and a shower in fresh-cut grass. I want to bathe in it.


Baby Angel... Ocean... Grass... I want to smell like you



Acqua di Gioia

4. Miss Lynn Bedding


I want to sleep in you



I take great pride in my bed. I like it to be a little safe heaven of joy and rest. Pure cotton, high thread count, crisp white. Bedding is a joy to me.

5. A golden Casio watch


Anyone need the time? I'VE GOT THE TIME! LOOK! LOOK AT MY ARM!!



Good grief I want one of these! They are too rad. Old school, classic, cheesy in a good way. The perfect thing to have wrapped around my wrist at all times.

6. This boy:


Ultimate Birthday Gift Ever: Check!



Jokes. He’s already mine. Yea  wish lists!!

There you have it Universe.  Take this list and do with it what you must.



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