New Life = New Hair

So, I’ve been living in Cape Town for over a month now and I felt like another change was due.

My mom has banned me from getting anymore tattoos…piercings never seem to heal on me…my only option was: HAIR

I have a longstanding relationship with my hair. Take a minute to enjoy the gallery below…

See? I don’t mind a little out-there hair. Me in the pink with the long straight blonde hair is not… ME. So, after ,much deliberation (read: 15 seconds of deliberation) I made an appointment with Kelly at Scar. WHAT a rad girl! She knows exactly what she’s talking about…but she doesn’t try give you all this useless advice just to sound like she knows what she’s talking about. I highly recommend her.

Natalie’s New Look:


BOOM! now try to avert your eyes from the tan, and actually look at the hair


I’ve only had this hair since Tuesday, but here are the comments I’ve received so far:

“you are the classy gay british best boy friend i never had” – @lizetheunicorn

“no comment”- mom

“you just went up 15% in hotness. you were at 100% before this” – @bangersandnash

Having this sexy undercut has also taught me some valuable lessons.

Natalie’s Valuable Undercut Lessons

1. Do blondes have more fun?

Yes. If they have a full head of hair. And if by “fun” you mean “BMW-driving jocks proposing to you in traffic”

2. You cannot have an undercut AND wear plaid.

Unless you have a lover named Kelly (or any other female name).

(And you have a name like Kelly. Or any ohter female name).

3. If people can’t say something nice, they won’t say anything at all.

There are the people who have LOVED my New Hair. They all tend to be incredibly well dressed, they generally hang out at &Union and Assembly and they have fantastic taste in music. They have been very vocal about their positive opinions of my New Hair.

Then there are those who have made incredibly strong (borderline paralysing) eye contact with me since getting my New Hair. They refuse to acknowledge  my New Hair. And much the same way that they tend to handle other unsightly things (like homeless people and tax return forms) they think that if they don’t talk about it, it may not be real.

I have noticed a strong decline in unwanted male attention, and a surge in unwanted female attention… but also not-so-unwanted male attention. (refer to @bangersandnash’s comment above)

I’m liking this vibe. It’s much more Natalie than the hair I’ve been sporting of late, and it seems to make everything I wear look bloody sexy. Also, my left ear is very breezy and I can hear better.




3 responses to “New Life = New Hair

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  2. Oh my word – Brave! I could never do that, but looks rad.

  3. heeeey, do you have any pictures of this haircut from the back?
    i’ve kinda been considering this, and your picture gives me more confidence to look into it.. but im curious.. how much is buzzed, do you have any pictures?

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