Car Free Day in Cape Town: TOMORROW

Look  I’ll admit, I’m probably not the most environmentally friendly person on earth.

I eat copious amounts of meat. I fuse poor Asian people’s hair to my own. I commute almost fortnightly between Joburg & CT in a gass guzzling metal bird. I use products that are probably tested on animals. (Who else are they going to be tested on?? Seriously.)

BUT I do belive that each of us can do a little something to help save the planet. I personally am planning on having at least 3.5 children, and I’d really like them to be able to play in the sunshine without being zapped into small to medium mounds of charcoal.

This is why I readily supported Car Free Day in Joburg a while ago. It’s really not that hard. Its cheaper, safer, funner, easier and…betterer.

Car Free Day is happening in Cape Town tomorrow and while I can’t be there to support it with my awesome bicycle Lady Marmaduke King George, I promise to be car-less (not careless) in Joburg all day in honour of CFD CT.

I need to do some Christmas Shopping, so I think I’ll catch the train to Sandton City and pretend to be rich with all the other plebs. Or I won’t. I’ll dress all hobo-esque and then drop money like bombs all over that joint! YES!

Going Car Free is easier than you think, especially if it’s just for the one day. Ride a bike, walk, get a lift, use the train, use the bus, call a cab. But support it.

Find out more here:


One response to “Car Free Day in Cape Town: TOMORROW

  1. its a great idea and i think you should be there. your article is really nice

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