WIN! You need to be at Sonic Summer.

I absolutely love a good festival! LOVE! Look:

Natalie’s Gallery of Festival Awesomeness (2010 only)

See?! I’m in my element at festivals, which is why I’m so very excited that the year is not yet over Festival-wise.
I know right…as if the prospect of Christmas and all its goodness isn’t enough to look forward to, you still have TWO whole festivals to get involved in too!
Over the weekend of 26-28 November we’ll be getting all up in the bizznet of Synergy Live.

I was overjoyed to see that the line-up is actually pretty damn incredible and has enough substance to keep me firmly squished between thousands of strangers right IN the middle of all the crowdy-goodness.

Headliners: Feeder along with Dirty Skirts, Foto na Dans, my local favourites Taxi Violence, Van Coke Kartel and Jax Panik…and that’s just the FRIDAY? Somebody get me a drink.

Ok, I’m going to be honest here… I’m not exactly a huge fan of “electro dome” set-ups. Maybe I don’t take nearly enough drugs…or maybe I’m just a die-hard rock girl, but I do just prefer a real live band with drums and guitars and live humans. But, @bangersandnash has promised some epic face melting at Synergy’s electro dome, so I may have to venture inside.

I’ll have just enough time to recover from Synergy before my life gets taken over by Sonic Summer.

Durbanites everywhere (especially Durban) can rejoice in the knowledge that they are finally getting their very own festival on their very own shores when Locnville, Goldfish, Jax Panik and, possibly THE biggest news-makers of the year, Die Antwoord grace them with their presence on the 11th of December.

They’ll all be on stage again in Joburg on the 15th, and Capetonians get their fair share on the 18th.

Now I’ve seen Die Antwoord on stage twice (once at a secret show in Greenside, and once at an amazing party hosted by MK&Puma at The Woods) and regardless of what your views on them/their music/their zeffness is, they are one act who do really get it right on stage. You can’t help getting caught up in all the energy and all the zeffness around you. You need to experience it.

Speaking of which… Good news: MK has given me TWO double tickets for Sonic Summer to give TO YOU! Yay! Better news: The tickets are for which ever city the winners live in! Double yay!

To win, all you have to do is:

“like” MK & MK Jip on Facebook and post a status about them.

Then copy&paste it in the comments section below.

Easy yes? And considering that tickets cost R180 a pop, it the least you can do, really.

Thank me later.


5 responses to “WIN! You need to be at Sonic Summer.

  1. Die Sonic Summer MK-JIP rap special (status viri tix) — > MK JIP sit my so op n TRIP een nee dis nie TIK nie maar dit bly so addictive so ek se die antwoord is seductive! Ooh ja dis die man met die mask dis jax panik hos ja! Dis die twins met die caps dis Locnville baybee! So ek se Sonic Summer kom ons laat dit juig want dis ek en jy en n bottel Backsberg after party ek se YES PLEASE Dis Sea Point ,ek eni GOLDFISH manne bra! MK-JIP dis ONS TRIP aweeeeee!

  2. I’ve got a Passion to go to Sonic Summer so I would walk a thousand miles, and cross the seven seas (swimming amongst Goldfish), I’d do anything to Get To Stellenbosch! I got up cos I’m hot because I have this Love Rush for Locnville and I would do anything to get THERE! MK Jip gives us a 6 Second Poison causing Purple Days making us see Dinosaurs. We wanna Get Busy Living, so gimme me On More Smile and let us get Doosdronk on a Backsberg wine sip, loving the trip of the MK Jip while we party party hos ja! 😉

    (Mash up of the artists songs!)

  3. Hoekom enter mense wat al klaar tickets gewen het? Gee vir die ander mense ‘n kans jir.

  4. Die kiefste page op Facebook! MK JIP- vir alles wat jy moet weet!

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