Natalie’s kind of Adventure

I like to think of myself as adventurous. In fact, I would go so far as to call myself “an Adventurer”. Some people may confuse “adventurous” with “outdoorsy”, but let me tell you…they are waaayyy off, mister.

Adventuring does not mean you enjoy weighing yourself down with a backpack the size of a small Indonesian Island, and heading into the bush following a clearly marked trail with two African guides who do everything but hold your hand for you.

Adventuring does not mean you like to wear the most unflattering golf shirts known to man, tucked into the most unflattering shorts known to man, along with chunky woolen socks (also, unflattering) and a ridiculous cowboy hat- all in a matching tone of “ugly”.

*I would insert a picture of this offending “Adventure Wear” here, but it’s just too hideous”

Well, maybe that’s what adventure means to you, but this is my blog. Here we talk about what I like, and I have a whole different take on “Adventuring”. (Also, let’s you and I not be friends. Ok?)

For me, being an Adventurer basically means being ready, and willing to step out of whatever your comfort zone is.It means you’re up for anything. You want to go places and see things and do stuff and meet people. You don’t mind sleeping on the floor or getting rained on or driving for hours just for the sake of seeing what it’s all about.

Adventure has no Uniform of Hideousness. It is not planned 6 months in advance, somewhere in the Vrystaat over the Easter Weekend. Adventure just happens to you! It hits you right in the face, and you just grab it by the throat and don’t let go until your arms fall off.You’ll just be minding your own business, and when you catch your breath it’s 6 hours later and you’re about to have breakfast at the Durban Wimpy.

Adventure means saying “yes” when offered the opportunity to go to Germany for a couple of months and live with a family you’ve never met before. It means arriving in a foreign country, before you’ve booked your accommodation. It means meeting people and finding places and not sleeping much. Adventure is everywhere!!

One of the greatest adventures of my life started in July this year. I’d been having a tough few months, and couldn’t face a birthday in Joburg. So, I went online, held my breath and sent a message to the person who seemed to know the most about partying. I asked/ordered him to host me a birthday party at his favourite spot, with all his friends, in his city. So, just to recap: That’s a party in a city where neither I nor my friends live, hosted by… a complete stranger.

1 A King album launch, one birthday party at Mercury Live, one long night in Stellenbosch, about 27 bottles of tequila and many pictures later, I had had the BEST birthday of my life, made about 40 new friends, and become completely inseparable from @bangersandnash.

Yesterday I swam in some kind of Pond Of Terror and today I’m going to ride my bicycle without GPS. That’s who I am now. These adventures may seem small, but they sure as hell beat months of boredom and office walls in waiting for your 4 day walk of death through some kind terrain that match the ideas I have in my head of Hell.

There are still some major adventures I want to have. Let me tell you about them.

Natalie’s Upcoming Adventures:

Road Trip to Namibia. Not sure what I want to do or see there. But I like road trips and I think I’ll probably like it there. Or maybe I won’t…whatever. I’m still going.

Backpacking through some neighbouring African countries. There are some rad backpackers out there, and I intend to see them before I die. Backpackers are the perfect place to get involved in some future adventures. There are always people there who have already planned the entire thing and are mad keen on hanging out with strangers. They are usually flipping interesting and will probably invite me to join them cause I can cook. So I’m not planning anything cause I want to just be able to go where this adventure takes me.

2 Weeks in the Transkei. The Transkei is scientifically proven (don’t Google that) to have magical powers. It is inhabited mainly by hippies, fairies and phoenixes. (Do. Not. Attempt. To. Google. These. Facts) All you can do there is swim in the sea and chill the frick out. It’s beautiful and its hot and I want to be there. I haven’t made any plans around this yet, cause I do believe in it’s mysticalness. I’m just waiting around cause I know that one day I’ll probably just like, sneeze and be there, you know? It’s magical like that.

So, those are a few of them. Obviously, there is no way I’m doing any of them without @bangersandnash. As I just told you, he knows where the party is at. And he’s my partner in crime. If I ever needed to steal food, or like, illegally squat in a hotel or something…you know he’s going to be there.

Now get out there and adventure! And take off those most ridiculous hiking boots! You look like someone who has too many dogs in their yard.


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