MK MVP jhb & ct


Most Valued People...and music video project

My Tuesday night and Wednesday night were spent at the MK MVP Launches in Joburg and Cape Town. Assuming you do not know what the frick I’m on about, here is a breakdown of the MK MVP Initiative, in my own words:


Natalie’s Knowledge:

MK (DSTV, Channel 324) invited South African Production Companies and Bands to team up, and come up with concepts for music videos they would like R 50 000 to produce. Bands then submitted the single for the proposed video, and 50 finalists were chosen by MK, based purely on the quality of the song. The finalists then had to submit the treatments for their videos, and MK chose 10 Bands/Production Companies to award 50k to for their videos.

The videos were premiered to the Bands, Producers and Industry People at the Prive Cinemas of both Monte Casino and Canal Walk. My television viewing pleasure has now been forever tainted and I don’t know how I’m going to go back to watching Music on the small screen. Seeing it all on an enormous cinema screen with surround sound blasting your brain cells is pretty fricking rad. And combined with the open bar, and my personal meal of choice at the moment: hot dogs, it made for possibly the best cinematic experience of my short life.


Its Private. It's for drinking. And it's for smoking. That's how MK rolls.

Tuesday night I was presenting for a JIP insert and Rozanne & Pushkin dressed me in Lipsy’s brand new range. You might think its a bit dressy? Well, consider this: I present a Celeb Gossip Show! I’m the Giulliana-de-Fricken-Pandi-Rancic of the Afrikaans Special Interest Market! Ha!



The Dress... a little smart for "Red Carpet Rock 'n Roll", perhaps?

Dressed down with a Lee Cooper distressed denim jacket

Presenter/Hair/Make-Up...I'm multi-skilled like that


You know what being a good tv Presenter is all about? Presenting? You’re waaayyy off mister! It’s about being able to arrive on location, with professional hair&make-up, done by you, making up your script as you go along, and not crying when some snotty rockstars make some snotty rockstar comments during your interview.

Since our show isn’t that keen on music content (watch Elma, on Studio 1, Thursday nights at 19:30 for that) we focused our insert on something we all can relate to: How To Spend R50 000.

Natalie’s Ways To Spend 50k:

1. Purchase Michael Cera

2. Invest in 2 personal Bar Maids who follow you with a tray of vodka slushie everywhere you go

Those are just 2 of the many ways I came up with to blow 50k. You can see the rest on JIP, Wednesday nights at 19:30.

On Wednesday, I landed on a plane from Joburg just in time to meet the lovely Danielle from Cape Town’s Heroine. Since I wasn’t shooting, I decided to dress down a little and opted for every girl’s ultimate fashion go-to: The LBD. She met me at Wembley, armed with not 1…but 3 AMAZING LBD’s and I had trouble choosing. The short Bird’s Feet number was a perfect fit and I dressed it up with gold accessories, nude heels and mermaid hair.

Now, back to the videos. I know, I know. The quality of some of the videos that have come out of the farms, flats and high school grottos of this country have a reputation for being…questionable.

Which is part of the reason I got so incredibly excited while watching the MVP videos that I had to mentally forbid myself from standing on my chair and singing our National Anthem in all 11 official languages. (also, I only speak 2…so I didn’t think it would be effective enough)

They were unbelievable! The thing I love about The Industry in this country, is the amount of passion that goes around in it. (This doesn’t include the “what happens on shoots…” rule) .

Even though the budget for the videos was R 50k, lots of them were clearly around the R 200k category. Which means that the budget was spent on stuff like equipment hire, props, wardrobe and location…and that all the creative stuff, including the creative genius of the Director, Producer, Styling, Post Production etc etc was done by industry professionals purely for the Love of the Game.

4am, MC’s Earl & Algemi, Thieve feat. Heuwels Fantasties, Jack Parow feat. Heuwels Fantasties, The Cavalier, CrashCarBurn, Foto Na Dans, Winterstasie, Heroes Wear Red & Will Mono feat. Jax Panik are the bands who got the cash, and every video was incredible.

Beautifully shot, well edited, interesting visuals and moving stories… If these videos are any indication of what we can look forward to in upcoming videos, I’m excited! And if you are still under the impression that “South African music is so shit…and I don’t listen to Afrikaans music cause I don’t understand the lyrics”…then I truly do hope you get kicked in the face by one of these videos. As you innocently flick between MTV and Trace.

I am Afrikaans and I don’t even understand most of Foto Na Dans’ lyrics… but that doesn’t stop me from being moved to misty eyes by their epic songs and mind blowing videos. I won’t even talk about their live performances.

The videos launch online next Wednesday…but you can’t go wrong with actually watching real television. These videos are absolutely, definitely, for sure going to be all over the charts like Nash’s Union Jack on the interweb.

HUGE CONGRATS to everyone at MK, the bands, and the Production Crews. You dun gooooooood.


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