Websites are like babies. Advice from Doctor Natalie

Ok, I’m going to be honest. I’ve never actually had a baby.

But from my website experience (very limited, although fast becoming much less limited), I can tell you that I honestly do think that they have much in common with babies.

First of all, you spend time thinking about your website (baby). What you want it to look like. If you want it to have your name, or a name of its own. You want it to have its own identity, yet still say something about you, as its Mom. You want other people to like it. And to tell their friends how clever you are for making it.

Then, you spend a lot of time making your website. Its fun, of course…the making part. And it doesn’t always work the first time. I know I had to try three whole times before I got it right!

Now you spend some time waiting for your website to form. Its not quite as long as you wait for a real human baby, but it feels pretty long. You go through food cravings and mood swings during this process. And other people keep asking you “What are you going to call it??” which can get pretty annoying.

Then, after much breathing in and out and much “hooo…heeeee…hooo…heee” and one final puuuuuuush… its born!! Your shiny new website is right there in front of your very eyeballs and you are overjoyed! Of course, you feel so proud you send everyone you know links to your new baby website and you spend hours looking at it and playing with it.

You get up from whatever you are doing “just to check if its ok”, even though you know its going to be ok.

Sadly, after the first while… you begin find it rather boring. You wish it could do more. Like, you want to be able to take it outside and make it some friends. You want it to have better content and flashier widgets.

This gets you immediately worried and you feel very guilty. But remain calm, this is very common. Its called Post Website Depression and it can happen to anyone. And the good news is, all these things will come with time. The better parent IT Geek you become, the more your website will develop and become more entertaining and intellectually stimulating.

More good news, is that your new website will make your life more exciting! You can update it all the time, and as it grows, you’ll find yourself wanting to send new pictures links to all your friends and family, so that they too can share in your joy.

And of course, after the initial fears, and responsibility anxieties, you’ll find that even though you thought it would never happen…you may just be ready for your second one.

Baby steps…

Here’s the link to my newborn:


One response to “Websites are like babies. Advice from Doctor Natalie

  1. Very true and very entertaining. Thanks Natalie!

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