Life With A View: Post 1

I know this post is a bit late, but I really wanted to make sure I had enough to say. Now I have way too much to say, and I’m going to have to share only the highlights.

On my last night as an official Joburger, I said goodbye to The City That Once Had Gold with 2 friends and a bottle of red. Up at the top of Northcliff Hill, after half a bottle and heady from the summer heat, Joburg actually looked rather beautiful.



Our road trip started only 1 hour behind schedule (with two females???) and with 6 black bags, 4 boxes, 3 over night bags and 3 medium-sized humans, we set off cross-country. After a brief pit-stop to load @shaan_ashleigh’s forgotten underwear (???) we made it to Bloem ahead of schedule and in time for a breakfast with @melkie_128.


Now, let me take a moment to tell you a  bit about our driver, Walton. Not only did he drive us the WHOLE way, he also took rad pics, told epic stories of adventure, and showed us all the places worth showing along the way. Not including Beaufort-Wes… which is somewhere I now like to refer to as “The Worse PE”.


A Picture by Walton...Driver, Adventure Guide, Photographer


148 Trucks later (counted by Walton, Mathematical Genius) we arrived in Cape Town just in time to join @bangersandnash at Assembly for a night that ended in the early hours of Sunday morning. Thus, my Life With A View started off as Life With A Hangover.

Here’s what I’ve been up to since my move:


No Make-Up visible...obviously...this is her back.


That is the back of one of the models you’ll be seeing in MK’s Promo for the MK Awards 2011. It happened to be my first shoot in Cape Town and the fruits of my labour start airing on MK this month, so keep your eyeballs open. Also, definitely try to attend the Awards! They are happening in Cape Town, on the weekend of 25/26 February at the CTICC and it’s going to be the biggest yet! This year’s Awards ended for me in Gazelle’s Hotel Room Party at around 4am. That’s how MK rolls.


Roof Top Studios, Kalk Bay

That is the view I now have to deal with  when I record voice overs. The Roof Top Studios in Kalk Bay. I know, it seems like such hard work…going in to record 4 whole pages of celebrity gossip…having to look at that sight while I’m “working””…ugh! But, I manage. Somehow.



The View from my "office"


That’s the view from my “Make-Up Room” at a shoot we were doing in Blouberg. Check out next months Pols/Pulse magazines in Huisgenoot/You to see the amazing Before&After make-overs we did on 5 regular women who didn’t feel comfortable in swimwear. The ladies definitely found some confidence once we were done with them!


Beats shooting in a studio...


@KWVWines gave @bangersandnash a dinner & wine for friends, so this is where we had it:


Dinner on The Deck


Oh that? That’s just Nash’s back yard… Full story on bangersandnash soon.

Somewhere in between all that I took a Wednesday to do nothing. Think of it as my Sabbath.  -Stop judging me you over-worked Joburgers!- Naturally there isn’t much time for relaxing on weekends. Which are reserved for dinners and tequilas and breakfast at the Biscuit Mill.

I’ve also taken up paddling in the evenings with Nash. Pretty soon I’ll have arms like this betty:


Gemini Models...take note of this beaut!


WHOA DENISE!! Check that out! This piece of Art, by the way, was found by Nash at Muizenberg Market. And only R10?! Bargain!

Not to mention the Johnny Loco bicycle that I’m dreaming about… Legs to crush a mongoose with… coming soon!

The weather so far today has been: Sunny and warm, light rain, pouring rain, sunny, drizzle, and now sunny again. It’s 09:05.

We’re not in Joburg anymore.


2 responses to “Life With A View: Post 1

  1. yeah mermaid…rub it in, it feels good.
    Mot so much love from my office in sunny jozi

  2. Sounds so good – sigh……. i am green wiff envy! Live the life babe – you deserve it!

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