why the gautrain is better than your mom

Car Free Day on Wednesday inspired me to put my safety on the line, and take the Gautrain to work, leaving my trusty Speedmobile behind.

Turns out my safety needn’t have worried its pretty little self, and neither should my wallet…

Taking the Gautrain from Rhodesfield Station to Sandton Station: 21 South African Rand. Bus trip from Sandton Station to the corner of Oak&Republic (conveniently located across the road from the Mnet building): a full R6. Service with a smile: Priceless.

Things I like to do while driving:
Catching up on my emails
Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Snackie Time
Moisturise my hands
Talk on the phone
Tweet/ Read Tweets
Write blogs
Swear profusely at others

All at the same time.

As you’ve probably guessed, this places my life, the lives of others, and the mental stability of any passengers I may have at huge risk.

That alone is reason enough to use the Gautrain. But, in case you’re one of those people who need to know some actual facts before making an “informed decision” (I personally rely solely on my intuition and telepathy…also on my spontaneity and fondness of Bad Decisions) here are some more reasons:

As I mentioned previously, its more affordable than driving
It takes half the time
The staff is friendly and informed and make me feel like they really like me
There are busses to all over Joburg, so you can hop on and off wherever you need to be
You can make new friends on your way to work
Because you’ll spend less time threatening the lives of, and swearing at potential friends
You can do all your admin on the way to work in the mornings…which leaves your evenings free for couples massages and Modern Family marathons
You don’t ever have to know your way around. And even you’re 22 years old and have lived your whole life in Joburg, you won’t get judged by the buss driver for still not knowing how to get to Sandton City without your trusted Garmin
Traffic is now less of a Fight To The Death and more of a Snooze To The Office
It will make you feel very European

Reasons NOT to take the Gautrain:

You are a Joburg Steroid Boy’tjie and recently spent half a bajillion bucks on pimping out your Boy’tjiemobile
You have a fear of Relaxation (quite a common problem here in the City Of Gold)
They don’t allow hot sexy Skateboarders of the buss 😦

Personally, I’m moving to Cape Town to ride my bicycle and experience Life With A View. But I’ll be making use of this Relaxation Service every time I’m up here.


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