Natalie’s Summer Fashion

Summer has hit South Africa, except of course in PE where they will never have summer, and this has given me an excellent excuse to add to my wardrobe.

Trends come and go, and I tend to be very selective of the ones I follow. And even then I prefer a subtle nod in the general direction of the trend, rather than a blatant wave, if you know what I mean.

I’ve done some research and here are my top trends for summer. They all receive an honourable mention and at least a glance.

The Denim Shirt

I am loving the Denim Shirt trend. I like that you can dress it up or down,and  that it sends off a vibe of effortless cool. The important thing about the Denim Shirt is to remember the FIT! It’s vital to have a great-fitting shirt that accentuates your girly bits, rather than an over-sized mens shirt that drowns you in denim and manages to effectively mask the fact that you have any sexy bits at all.


Dress up your Denim

Never wear blue denim with more blue denim

How NOT to wear your Denim Shirt...instantly makes this girl look like a man


The Gladiator Sandal

I’m glad this look has carried over from last summer, because I really like it. But it seems that this summer, it has gone from “key look” to “taking the piss”…


Key Look for summer

Taking The Piss...surely??


Floral Print

I LOVE this trend because it bring out the hippie in me. This summer, instead of wearing floral from head to toe and risking disappearing into my Grandma’s couch, I’m adding a few pieces to my look.


Floral on my face

Floral Jumpsuit: its a shirt + a pants... IN ONE!

Floral on my Water Panties


The Sailor Trend

This trend I love because it’s so damn cute…and sexy AT THE SAME TIME!! Plus, I have a mouth like a sailor anyway, so I might as well dress like one.


Sailor Trend + High Waisted Trend= BANGING look!

Love this. Its big, but belted in the waist. Clever.

I will be wearing BAGILLIONS of these this summer. Trinkets given to mermaids by sailors.


Boyfriend Gear

This is ideal for me, as MY boyfriend dresses really well. Note* Girls may wear Boyfriend gear all summer long… But Boys should not wear Girlfriend gear ever.


Boyfriend Cardi with Tights. This says: I'm just too damn sexy to wear my own stuff

Boyfriend Jeans. So sexy. Must be paired with something that fits snug on top to avoid looking like a female basket ball player


The Plain White Shirt

White shirts are great for summer! They show off your tan, and can be worn day or night. Smart or casual.

A white t paired with denim shorts and tanned limbs is perfect summer wear and super easy. With sandals its a great day look for the beach or lunch. With heels it can be super sexy for evening too. (If you’re one of those heels girls)

A buttoned white shirt over panties is my prefered breakfast attire for summer.


I might try this whole "tucking" thing soon


A few more trends for my summer: Leather accessories, slouchy boots, 3cm roots, minimal make-up, ice-cream nail colours, and my Boyfriend.



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