Mermaids need the sea…


So far Tailsofamermaid has been pretty much about random stuff that has happened to me over the years. It’s very infrequent and I only post when I’m feeling particularly type-ative…there are SO many more things I should tell you about!

You probably think that there couldn’t possibly be that much random stuff happening to me…right?? You are way off mister! things happen like:

I reverse into a car in a parking lot-in my mom’s car naturally, as mine has been written off a few week earlier in my sleep (a story for a different day). Hoping to find no major damage to either vehicle, I get out of my car, planning on leaving a little sorry note and a kiss on the windshield…only to find a fully grown man sitting inside the now damaged car…crying! For his mom! Literally… he’s mumbling “Mom”. Feeling bad enough as it is, (crying men always break my heart) I start apologising profusely. Crying Man is talking but I’m finding it hard to understand what he’s trying to say…”why?” you may ask? Well, because Crying Man has downs syndrome ­čśŽ I’m such a bad person!!!

Not only am I a kak driver (truly, I am)…I am now an inadvertent abuser of helpless humans!!

YOU SEE?! You see what I have to deal with?? All I wanted was a punnet of mango from Woolies!

Back to the point of this post:

Next weekend my life is becoming exactly what I’ve always hoped it would: an Adventure! I’m only 22 and already I have 8 years of work experience. I started working in tv part-time when I was 14, and have been doing it full-time for the past 4 years.I’ve been paying tax since I was in St7!

TV is my entire lifestyle and if I’m not presenting, I’m doing voice overs, make-up jobs, styling jobs, MC jobs…. I LOVE my jobs (many, many various jobs)! My world is a strange one filled with cameras, lights, scripts, a stylist & make-up artist, celebrity clients, interviews, movie premieres and stylish launches… and about 150 different bosses.

Me at "work" wearing a dress from Roaznne & Pushkin after getting my hair done by Just Hair


I’ve never worked 9-5 in my life, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to. In lots of ways I’m already a real life Grown Up, and in many ways I’m just a little girl. And over the past 6 months I’ve been really thinking hard about what life is about, mine in particular.

I’ve come up with this:

Basically, when I’m not having my hair&make-up done, wearing pretty dresses and talking to a camera, Im playing dress-up ­čÖé Other than that, I’m getting paid to go to music festivals or I’m doing what ever the heck I want! Geeze…

You know what would make my life absolutely perfect…?

The radest parents and sister a human could possibly have………………..CHECK

An awesome boyfriend who is my partner in crime, my bff, likes everything about me, gorgeous, funny, and much smarter than me……………………….CHECK


That's us...



The sea…………………………………………………………………………….. *coming soon*


More of this please...




Yip, I NEED to get out of a city where you can’t possibly have enough money, drive fast enough, have a full enough diary, wear high enough heels, have enough steroids in your system… I need to wake up to a view. I need to get my hair full of sea sand on a Wednesday afternoon.


And then much less of this...



Joburg is weird, and when talking to people about my move I still get “But there’s more money in Joburg” or my personal favourite “We can’t all just live where we want to and do what we want to, life is not just about being happy”….. excuse me, WHY THE FRICK NOT??!! I only have another +-┬á 60 years to live!!


Me in 60 years... I'll take up smoking cigars



So as of 23 October I’ll be posting from My New Adventure Life…in Cape Town.


Hi New Home!

The adventure starts next Saturday as I pack up my life and road trip to Cape Town with my friends Walton and Sian. Walton is a keen adventurer and photographer and even though he lives in Cape Town, he’s catching a plane to Joburg on Friday, just to road trip down back to Cape Town with us on Saturday. Sian is a chef and a vegetarian and is as keen on adventure as the rest of us. She’s joining the Road To Adventure to scout for a possible life in Cape Town for herself!


I’ll still be presenting and still be make-upping. I’ll explain it all to you soon.

I’ve got some amazing stuff to tell you so far… You know by now that I’m not kidding.


2 responses to “Mermaids need the sea…

  1. Hey babe …. AWESOME news. Love love love your blog and was having serious withdrawals ….. Thanks for the new posts and enjoy Cape Town babe …..looking forward to hearing more of the random stuff!!!!! Please

  2. good luck babes!!!!! keep us posted!

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