lets not talk about PE again after this

I’ve spent to the past 2 days in PE, and I’ll tell you what…its been 1 and a half days too long.

Let’s talk about PE just this once, and then we never have to again.

Airport: The size of my bedroom. It does have a Primi Piatti, which is more than I can say for ORT Int.

Weather: A sick, cruel joke. Pouring rain, howling wind, sunshine, drizzle, freezing wind…and that was just Thursday. I’m emotionally drained.

Roads: A decent width, pretty standard as far as roads go. Pity about all the retards inhabiting them. I’m not going to pretend I’m a good driver…but at least I’m a fast driver. I do what needs to get done and I stay out of other driver’s way. Its a toss up between Durban and PE for “Worst City I’ve ever Driven In”. Also, these people love a good hoot.

Beaches: Completely useless. Refer to Weather.

Restaurants: So far I’ve seen KEG and it was a place for the locals to watch an Asian man sing karaoke at volume levels that are uncomfortable for humans who are trying to consume food, and to have a good, old-fashion Sokkie.

People: I’ve only encoutered high school students. They are pretty average for teenagers: Pretty cool, pretty insecure, pretty hormonal.

Accommodation: We’re staying at Victorian Villa and I’m happy there. My bed is big enough for a standard issue family of 4, as is my shower. Staff is friendly, but as I’ve only spent a total of 8 hours there (7 of which, my eyes were closed) I don’t feel a genuine spiritual connection with any of them.

If PE were for sale, I’d pass it up.

Let’s move on.


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