Have I been Incepted???

After WEEKS of hype and no research at all… I finally went to see Inception. Everyone I know had already seen it, and I had heard nothing bad. In fact, everyone has been RAVING about it. (Not those 90’s raves with glo-sticks and pills and those Buffalo shoes). But I’d made an effort to not read any reviews or ask anyone what it was about. I prefer going to movies not knowing what I’m in for.

Like Twilight for instance. I’d been out of the country (in some African country… I don’t remember if it was Swaziland or Mozambique…but the point is, I had no contact with civilisation) and hadn’t heard anything or read the books. So I go this movie with my friend Leanie. About 5min into the film, I turn to her and say “I think this movie is about a werewolf or something. I’m sure this guy is a werewolf?”

We walked out, not sure if we had just watched a vampire spoof movie, or an actual documentary. Either way, we were confused. Leanie said “I think we should watch it again. Not that I enjoyed it.”

A few days later a get a text from Leanie “So, apparently Twilight is like, a really good movie?”

See, I like that we had the opportunity to make up our own minds. We actually didn’t know that Edward was a real vampire. We didn’t know that the scene where he rips off his shirt and becomes a human/undead disco ball of desire was supposed to be taken seriously. I recall laughing out loud at that point.

Anyway… I didn’t know what Inception was about. And I’m also kind of weird in the fact that I really like going to the movies alone. Not that I don’t like going with people…its just that, its not like you’re going to be talking to the person anyway? And I like my own popcorn. And I like plain salt and putting my feet up under my bum on the chair. And I don’t like people whispering to me, asking me questions.

I’m distracted enough as it is…what with first year Film Studies and all. This industry has me jaded. These are the thoughts that constantly run through my little mind while my eyes try desperately to get it to focus on the actual film: “Wow, that is really great continuity” “How did they get that kid to say that?” “Why is this girl wearing a collared shirt and scarf in every single scene. Every day a different shirt and scarf…but always a shirt and scarf? No one I know dresses in the same style every day. Except people on 7de Laan. Who did this wardrobe design?” “Oh, boom shadow” “What would script have said there? ‘She shifts uncomfortably and puts her hair behind her ear’? Or was that her own little thing?” “Did they shoot this all on green screen?” “Why does Leo DiCaprio remind me of Nash? Are they both secretly Asian?”

See! This is why I need to see movies alone!


After seeing the movie, life made more sense to me. Is that weird? Well, I don’t care. I’m sorry, but that movie has gotten into my brain. I now Google every dream I’ve had for the meaning and to try and listen to my Inner Voice. When I’m awake I’m usually punching my inner voice in the throat because it is CONSTANTLY trying to get me not to make more Bad Decisions. So I like to give it the respect it deserves for coming and trying to Incept me in my sleep.

A few nights ago I dreamed I found out I was pregnant. Immediate shock and horror, yes, calm down. I am most definitely NOT preggo. So what the meaning of this? Is it my brain trying to scare me to death? Does my brain want to plant the idea in my head that I’m better off dead? (Which I am… in the case of preggo-ness).

Google tells me this:

“Pregnancy often represents new growth in your life, growing creativity. The baby kicking inside could represent the idea that your creation or creative potential is trying to kick you to get your attention.”  I can’t find the quote now, but I read somewhere that dreams about preggo-ness means you are awaiting a big change, or decision, and a new start. This is where the term “pregnant pause” is most relevant. Apparently.

Then I had a dream that I kept jumping off a cliff…trying to reach the opposite cliff. I kept falling into water, and I just kept jumping and jumping and trying to reach the other side.

Google says:

“Jumping is a very active form of activity and in dreams it has a similar meaning. It can show that you are taking active and decisive action or that you are using great ingenuity and skill. It may show that you are seizing an opportunity. Jumping can also show that others are pressuring you – you maybe caught up in a fast moving situation.”

Wow. Google is an oracle of information. Also, I’ll have to re-evaluate my relationship with my subconscious and Inner Voice. No more punches to the throat. Maybe I’ll take them on a quiet picnic every now and then…maybe a few glasses of wine next to a fire. These guys have some wisdom.

Both these dreams are very relevant at the moment as I’m stuck in a situation where I’m waiting for some decisions that are out of my control to be made.  These decisions will be the deciding factor in a huge move I’m planning on making at the end of this year.

I’m also using all my concentration to try and figure out some new ways of using my limited talents to make a rad, fulfilling career for myself. I want to present, I want to do make-up and styling, I want to write, I want to do some stuff on the interweb, I want to do some PR stuff, I want to make more money, I want to play more while I work (although, to be honest, short of becoming a pre-school teacher, I don’t really see how that is even humanly possible. My world is a hell of a lot of fun).

So now I wonder “How did I end up at that cliff? How did I get pregnant? (Well, I mean I obviously know how that works…but that was not in the dream).

Am I living some kind of subconscious life in my dreams? Should I try to stay there? Do I need to get more sleep if I want more answers? Is Nash Leo’s long-lost brother?

Anyway… That’s my take on Inception. It was amazing…and flipping realistic. In fact. I see now that I have been Inceptionised. I hope it was Leo. Although…perhaps it was Nash.


2 responses to “Have I been Incepted???

  1. Interesting… what are you planning for the end of the year…?

  2. Will definitely have to check out the movie … But as far as life choices go ….. Babe you will be a raving success with whichever direction you go …reach for the stars

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