The day the earth stood up…

10 May 2010 will go down in history as… 10 May 2010.

That’s right. Nothing special about this day… To the world as a whole. (or A I sometimes like to think)

For me though, this day was like a bit of a…how do I put this…kick in the effing lungs. Firstly, I discovered, that after the 10 short little tiny baby midget days that May has been going, my bank account is now as empty as Joburg over Christmas. Ugh, ok, I exaggerate-nothing is ever that empty.

I do happen to have a small amount of monies to work with…and if I have done my calculations correctly (hope I haven’t)… I am left with a grand total of a WHOPPING…. R35 a day. Which is just enough to cover…oh, absolutely nothing.

Thanks Monday.

So…this got me thinking (read:crying, ranting, swearing).

Am I successful?! Am I going anywhere with my current career?!(except, of course to exciting sets, sweet hotels, music festivals and awards shows #playingaintpaying) Will I end up having to marry some suit-wearing IT specialist, who excites me as much as the thought of wearing tekkies with jeans, just to keep my (cheaply dressed) ass off the street?? *more on this subject later

Needless to say… I immidately cancelled all my non-essential accounts and contracts (Virgin Active-who am I kidding?), and am just hanging on to the vitals (YDE,BlackBerry). Also, I have decided to scale down on my eating out… (except on special occasions such as weekends, girls breakfast/lunch/brunch/dinner/drinks, “bad days”, birthdays of friends, friends of friends, acquaintances and sometimes strangers)A diet of eating at other peoples places only. (excluding people who use green/red/yellow peppers for anything…ever, have too many orange items in their home,have annoying dogs, or supply one-ply toilet paper)

As if this wasn’t traumatic enough, I get a BBM (talk about impersonal) informing me, that I will no longer be having my hair done for free (???) #thehorror #swearjar #curseyou

This was all enough to send me straight over the edge…in a downward spiral, rapidly increasing in speed toward at least 6 glasses of Beyerskloof. 

Instead, I opted for the wise option: impulsively having my mermaid hair removed, whining to every person I have ever cared for, and offering my services for any career that doesn’t include orange uniform. Yes. Wise, as I said.

What is this post even I about? The point escapes me now…

Oh yes, of course…

Monday, 10 May 2010…

I hate you.


4 responses to “The day the earth stood up…

  1. Absolutely fricken brilliant!

  2. You should write a book Nats 🙂

  3. A budget is just a method of worrying before you spend money, as well as afterward. (rock)

  4. Ek lovvvvve jou!!

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